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by Ben Luxon May 08, 2019 3 min read

When a new tenant moves in you want to get your relationship with them off to a good start, make them feel at home.

Ideally, you will want to be there to greet them. At this point, you can provide them with everything they will need for their move in and let them know any idiosyncrasies of their new home.

The basics, like keys, but also any useful information they might need or want.

Meet and Greet with Useful Information

Emergency Contacts

What do they do in emergencies? If you want tenants to call you first and let you know, provide the best way to reach you as well as contact eg. your local plumber (in the case of plumbing emergencies) for if they can’t get hold of you.

Also, if you’ve got a preferred handyman that you trust and know to be reasonably priced you may want to give them that number - this will prevent your tenants from sourcing a handyman that may not do the work well.

Move-In Checklist.

This should include a walkthrough list of the property. This will allow you to record any already existing damages together, and note any items that may need to be addressed immediately or in the near future.

Other things on this list might include checking how they will be paying you and getting emergency contact information from them.

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Put Together a Welcome Package

It doesn’t have to be something extreme with exotic fruits and garnish ribbons. But a little thoughtful gift always goes down well. This will help your tenants feel valued and as is the case with most things, a happy tenant makes for a happy landlord.

how to welcome tenants

Welcome Letter/ Card

Write a little message welcoming them to their new home.

A Few Basics

When people move they will likely have everything packed away. They may have even left behind a few basics. Things like toilet roll, paper towels, and hand soap.

These are inexpensive options and could mean a lot to a stressed tenant who has spent a long day moving.

Cleaning Supplies

Okay, so it’s not glamorous. But cleaning supplies are one of those things that are often lost in a move and last to get on the shopping list (at least on mine).

This is a useful gift and sends a tenant the message that you expect them to keep the home clean and tidy.

Extra Information about the Area

Depending on the scenario you may want to provide your new tenant with a little extra information about the local area. You could give them some local restaurant menus; some information about the town’s cultural experiences (eg. museums); a copy of the local transport systems maps; or a map for local biking trails. Tailor this to your specific situation.

Toys for Children

If there are children in the rental you may want to include an age-appropriate toy.

Pet Gifts

People love their pets. Sometimes even more than their children (we joke of course). This little added gesture shows you care but also lets them know that you are keeping tabs on what animals are in the home.

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Bonus Gifts

If you want to add that extra (and probably most effective touch) to your welcome package include a little bonus gift.

Think about what your tenant might want after moving in. Perhaps a gift card to a local restaurant? Or a small bottle of prosecco so they can have a drink to celebrate their move-in.? A little packet of chocolates, perhaps? Maybe leave a vase of fresh flowers on the table? This is really up to you to judge what you think is appropriate and will go down well with your tenants.

To Remember

Starting out the relationship on a positive and professional foot can go a long way towards tenant happiness. A long-term tenant who pays on time and takes good care of your property will provide you a phenomenal return on investment. Keep tenants happy from the start and carry on this relationship throughout the future.

Ben Luxon

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