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by Ben Luxon July 24, 2019 5 min read

The popularity of podcasts has exploded over the last couple of years. And there's a good reason for that. You can listen to them anytime and they often hold nuggets of wisdom that can help us in our day to day lives.

I pretty much put one of every time I get into the car or start walking somewhere.

Without further ado: Here are our 10 Favourite Real Estate Podcasts!

Best Real Estate Podcasts #1 Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is the go-to resource for real estate news and education and their podcast is a great way for you to consume some of the valuable information shared.

Hosts Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner are both experienced investors with a wealth of experience. However, it’s not their experience necessarily, that gets them to the top of our list. They keep a fun light tone, even whilst exploring complex (and dare we say sometimes dry) topics. On top of this, they have a huge array of connections and as such have had guests on to cover every conceivable niche of the business.

From buy-and-hold; to commercial real estate; to Airbnb; to flipping houses. If you want to know about it, the BiggerPockets’ real estate investing podcast has covered it, and will cover it again from another angle.

If there’s a one-size-fits-all real estate investing podcast out there that covers it all, this is it.

Where to listen: BiggerPockets podcast page 

Best Real Estate Podcasts #2 Gary Vee Audio Experience

Whilst not necessarily all about Real Estate, Gary V’s Audio Experience is a great and inspirational podcast that talks business and hustle. This show will get you moving when you need motivation and give you the stories to show you too can make it happen if you equip yourself with the right mindset. 

We love the energy that Gary provides to the show and he has a selection of incredible guests with insightful comments on complex issues.

Where to listen: Gary Vees website

Best Real Estate Podcasts #3 Hack the Entrepreneur

Alright, we seem to have gone a bit off-topic. Again this one isn’t necessarily about real estate per se. However, in this podcast best selling author Jon Naster explores everything entrepreneur (which does include a fair few real estate episodes). There is something to help you overcome pretty much any and every obstacle that an entrepreneur can face. 

Where to listen: Hack the Entrepreneur Website

Best Real Estate Podcasts #4 Unlisted with Brad Inman

Talks on diverse topics, from how to become a better agent through actionable advice to how to view unpredictable markets all across the world. Brad has a long history in the real estate world and this has helped him develop a deep understanding of real estate and gain some top industry connections. This show is insightful and has a number of great guests which really help put the actionable advice into context.

Where to listen: https://soundcloud.com/inman-news

Best Real Estate Podcasts #5 Tom Ferry Podcast

This podcast is another one with an enthusiastic and entertaining host. Tom Ferry isn’t new to the real estate scene and his decades of experience come out in this podcast. 

His podcast reviews every facet of this industry ranging from multi-million dollar client issues to agents just starting out. There is an episode for everyone here.

Where to listen:  Coach Tom Ferry on Soundcloud

Best Real Estate Podcasts #6 The Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless

In this daily (yes we said daily) real estate podcast, Joe interviews a selection of A-list real estate entrepreneurs who bring with them a steady stream of great insights and fresh perspectives. Joe is another guy who brings energy and enthusiasm to his podcast which makes it continuously entertaining as well as informative, despite the somewhat unrelenting frequency.

He keeps the show fresh by exploring a wide variety of investment niches.

Where to listen: Joe’s website

Best Real Estate Podcasts #7 RETipster

Seth Williams is the host with the most in this laid-back podcast. He brings a demeanor that lends an otherwise high-pressure topic an air of friendliness.

Seth has good knowledge of quite a wide range of different real estate investing niches. There are episodes that will cover everything from getting started to more advanced tips and like optimizing lead conversion rates.

His specialty though is in land investments, which come with a lower monetary entry cost but done right can be especially lucrative.

Where to listen: the RETipster website

Best Real Estate Podcasts #8 Flipping Junkie

As the name suggests this provides a deep dive into the specific niche of flipping houses.

Run by husband and wife team Danny and Melissa Johnson who have been flipping houses for quite some time, they continually bring on other successful flippers to discuss the nuances house flipping.

If your focus is to flip then this podcast will outline a number of successful strategies and help you avoid making the same mistakes as others.

Where to listen: Flipping Junkie website.

Best Real Estate Podcasts #9 Real Estate Success

Covering a diverse range of topics, Jim Ingersoll, lets his decades of experience shine in this podcast. He keeps a diverse range of guests coming through from all walks of life and covers topics including rehabbing, tax strategies, and online marketing for real estate investors.

Where to listen: BigMoneyInvestor.com 

Best Real Estate Podcasts #10 Afford Anything

Paula Pant is someone we started following with interest a couple of years ago. She seems to have cracked the code to living a great life, balancing success and freedom.

Her podcast focuses heavily on lifestyle design. What we mean by that is the planning that goes into your life to make every day a little bit better than the last. 

Why do you make money? Surely it’s to enjoy your life. Her point resonates with an ever-growing audience and her podcast aims to help everyone succeed in this way.

This is not to say that there isn’t a whole host of entrepreneurial, investing and real estate wisdom that is shared. In fact, there’s plenty of talk about it because this is how she has reached her success and you could too.

Where to listen: AffordAnything.com.  

Listening in

Most (if not all) of these podcasts can also be listened to on all the standard podcast channels and apps like iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Soundcloud, or whatever your favorite podcast app is.

Never Stop Learning!

There’s always something new to learn. The prospect is daunting, scary even, truth be told. I remember walking into the British library when I was younger and just looking around the rooms and rooms filled with stacks upon stacks of books and wondering how long would it take to read them all? 

No matter how many books you read, no matter how many videos you watch you’ll never know everything. The best we can do is continually learn. Podcasts are a great way to consume knowledge on the go and get you thinking about the steps you can take next on your path to success.

On an unrelated note here are a few of our favorite Podcasts that we reckon are well worth a listen to stay on top of getting your brain going

Philosophize This! - To get you thinking and help broaden your perspectives of the world. It explores some of the key thinkers and intellectual movements in human history.

Pod Save America - For insights and commentary on current events and politics.

Marketing Secrets - Marketing secrets podcast is for online marketers, and features invisible marketing techniques, success secrets, self-growth & income topics.

Ben Luxon

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