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by Logan Ransley June 02, 2019 4 min read

It takes a multitude of skills to become a LandlordBoss. One of these is the ability to write the perfect rental listing.

In our books, the perfect rental listing is both professional yet fun, and 100% transparent. It uses great photos and highlights a property’s best features, to attract the right tenants.

Nailing your rental listing is particularly important in rental saturated markets where there is more competition for tenants. However, it can also be the difference between attracting good tenants and attracting great tenants.

We know that no matter how great your rental property is if a prospective tenant can’t see this in a listing, you may risk them not giving it a second look. By taking the time to perfect your rental listing, you can ensure that it stands out from the rest.

Here are our top tips for writing the perfect rental listing:

Be accurate

be accurate with rental listings

Just like any good sales person, a landlord must find the right balance between showing off the best features of a property and not overselling what a property has to offer. The compromise between these two examples is simple: tell the truth.

Be factual and informative in your rental listing so that renters know exactly what to expect. List the facts: how many bedrooms/bathrooms the property has, the amenities, the location… And remember, the more specific the better. It’s a great idea to supply a floor plan and/or the property’s square footage if available.

Steer clear of fluffy words that do not add any real value to your rental listing. Words like ‘amazing’ or ‘charming’ may have ticked the boxes in your elementary creative writing class, but they are not going to cut the mustard when it comes to your rental listing.

Even though your rental property may be ‘awesome’, it’s hard to know what this may look/feel like from a renter’s perspective. A much more effective tactic is to tell your renter exactly why the property is so great, by using terms that accurately describe the property and its best features. We recommend substituting superfluous words such as ‘fantastic’ and ‘wonderful’ with terms such as ‘spacious’ or ‘well-located’ to elevate your listing.

Be persuasive 

write a great property listing

Never forget the importance of first impressions. Your rental listing is often the first time a prospective tenant will come into contact with your property. So how can you make your rental listing stand out from the crowd?

A rental listing is nothing without a catchy title. Make sure the heading is eye-catching and informative so that when renters are scrolling through listings yours stands out. This means using compelling language in place of bland, overused real estate terms.

After all, unless there is a desperate shortage of rental properties, what prospective tenant is going to want to go see a “1 BedRm - No Parking” when they can check out a “Spacious and Recently Renovated One Bedroom Apartment in the Heart of the City.”

Put yourself in your prospective tenant’s shoes and ask - would I want to go check out this listing?

Remember to highlight your property’s best features. Whether it be plenty of storage space, loads of natural light, an off-street parking space or an ensuite bathroom, your property is sure to have something that gives it the WOW factor. For older properties, why not mention the original flooring or timeless marble bench tops - you never know, it might attract the perfect tenant.

Be professional

Spelling mistakes and grammar errors in rental listings is equivalent to wearing track pants to a job interview: sloppy and unprofessional. What sort of landlord are you going to be, if you can’t even use spell check?

Show from the start that you are a professional, first class landlord. This will set the tone for any future dealings.

Use high-quality photographs that match the property listings description. There is no point saying a property has loads of natural light if the photos are dark and dingy. Give consideration to the best time of day to take photos and make sure the property is tidy and clean.

Take care to avoid classic photo faux pas such as catching your own reflection in the bathroom mirror. This will only distract from the room you are trying to photograph and will make you seem unprofessional.

Always proofread a listing and if you know this isn’t your strength, ask a friend or colleague to run an eye over it for you.

Remember that to be persuasive, you don’t have to write a novel. Keep your listing short, sweet and to the point. In our experience, it takes quality not quantity to create the perfect rental listing.

Be upfront

Nobody - we repeat, nobody - likes hidden costs. Your tenants are no different. Set expectations straight from the outset by being upfront about how much renting your property is going to cost.

This includes being transparent about how much the rent will be, if any deposits or bonds are required upfront or if there are any letting fees. That way, you can be entirely sure that your tenant can afford to pay the rent and will stay on top of bills.

We also recommend disclosing any problems with your rental that you can’t fix, so that your tenants don’t find themselves disappointed. Check your state laws as to what you are legally required to disclose, as these vary. 

It may also pay to highlight what your pet policy or position on subletting is, so both parties are on the same page.

In all your dealings, your reputation as a landlord and business person is at stake. By being straightforward and genuine from the outset, you can ensure that your personal brand is well-regarded and respected.

We hope you found this blog interesting! However, do note that it should not be used as a substitute for competent legal and/or other advice from a licensed professional.

Logan Ransley

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